Every supply is created by a demand…

Koşan Family was a family who were living abroad and thinking about a definite return to homeland before entering the beekeeping industry in early 1980s. Mr. Hüseyin Koşan, honorary founder of the company recognized the lack of supply and excess demand in honeycomb production and foresaw that an enterprise in the industry would be of great use for both its family and Turkey.

It initiated its first business activities with honeycomb production on 01.01.1983 in Izmir, Bayındır by performing necessary market researches and bringing the state of the art technology honeycomb machinery to home which might be considered to be rarely available at home and abroad in those years. It started to manufacture other materials by increasing production items and widened its production network in line with the demands of beekeepers in the course of time. On the other hand it supported the beekeepers, made pollen-gathering widespread in this region and got involved in pollen, honey and royal jelly trade additionally.

Efes and Münür Koşan who took over the enterprise from Hüseyin Koşan in 1988 started to perform their activities at their new address occupying 150 square meters and located at Izmir-Aydın Motorways No. 72 by selecting Torbali district which is centralized in transportation network in order to make their activities more accessible. They obtained necessary certificates (ISO 9001, Operation License issued by the Ministry of Labor,    trademark registration certificate) in order for the firm to perform its activities in accordance with Turkish Standards. İPEK PETEK which has almost 200 dealers all around Turkey and renders delivery service through both cargo transportation service and its own vehicles has exported its products since 2006 and continued to render service to you, dear beekeepers and dealers for 34 years in a factory laid on 3000 square meters with a closed area occupying 920 square meters and intended to produce incorporated products in an healthier environment with higher quality  with 15 personnel and 100 production items within the frame of the partnership between EFES and MÜNÜR KOŞAN.

The brand quality represents 34-year experience.